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Data Recovery

Our data recovery service can pull your data out of most forms of damaged hardware such as hard dives, tapes, CDs, RAID ARRAYS, DVDs, and internal or external drives. We can retrieve your damaged or destroyed data from all commonly used devices and operating systems, including all versions of the Mac OS.

How we access your data depends on where it was when it vanished or became unreadable. If your OS (operating system) has crashed, for example, it’s quite simple for us to go in behind it, get all your files out and put them somewhere safe while you arrange for the OS to be reinstalled. If, on the other hand, your data has been lost as the result of damaged physical components in your machine, we may have to repair the hardware itself, saving what data we can at the same time.

Our data recovery services normally come in four stages, depending on your requirements and situation. First, we’ll repair the physical hard drive, or storage medium, where appropriate. Then we look to take an image of the media, which can be stored on a new undamaged media while we extract your data from it.
Next we create a logical reconstruction of the original file architecture, including its partitions if any. This will allow us to rebuild, as close as we can, an image of the system as it was before it went down – like a forensic scientist recreating a crime scene. Finally, we repair the files we have revealed.

Data Recovery Services:

  • OS Errors
  • Faulty Media
  • Dead Hard Drives
  • Faulty RAID Arrays
  • Retrieval of Lost Data
  • External Drives
  • Apple MAC OSX Systems
  • Ransomware Encryption*


*Please Note Ransomware Encryption recovery can only be done if we have the Decryption Keys. Please contact us to discuss.

Data Recovery Advice

Contact a us to discuss your data repair.

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